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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions about our services, so here are some answers to the more popular questions.

Question: What process takes place if I want to place an order for a set of trusses?

Answer: Typically, if you have a set of plans for a project, we will ask you to identify any changes that you want to make. One of our designers will draw a layout which we will send to you for approval. If there are any revisions requested, we will provide a quote for the package. Upon acceptance of the quote we ask for a deposit and then we forward the truss designs for certification. This must happen before we manufacture a set of trusses. Receipt of the deposit will place your order into our production.

Question: What do I need to provide in order to receive a floor/roof quotation and design?

Answer: A set of plans with any changes marked clearly will enable us to provide a more timely quote. If a floor plan is all you have, plan on spending some time with one of our designers so they can provide a design that reflects your expectations.

Question: Do I need an appointment to meet with your design consultant?

Answer: You are welcome to come in and meet with us anytime. The coffee’s always on! However, calling ahead and setting a time to meet with a designer will ensure time is set aside to discuss your project in more detail.

Question: Do I need a complete set of plans in order to get a roof or floor design quote?

Answer: The short answer is, “no”. However, it makes the process of providing an accurate layout more complicated. There is a lot of pertinent information within a set of plans that is necessary in order to ensure the design appears as intended and performs as expected by the architect and/or designer.

Question: Is it possible to change a roof design?

Answer: Absolutely! One of the benefits of engineered roof trusses is the ability to revise a layout/design that reflects a builder’s or homeowner’s preferences. If you are building the same plan multiple times and want to change the “look” of your project, changing the roof design can give creative distinction to a similar plan!

Question: Do I need a set of stamped truss certificates in order to obtain a building permit?

Answer: The requirement for providing stamped truss drawings prior to issuance of a building permit is determined by the Authority having Jurisdiction and may differ from one city/municipality to the next. Contact your local building inspection department and ask what they require.

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